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Become all that you are as a catalyst of change

All individuals and organizations are faced with the possibility of change of which they are the center.
Change can present excitement and possibilities, challenges and limitations and most importantly the knowledge that we can grow into the future. Cultivating change can be a creative and inspiring process that travels the pathways of our vision and a journey with unexpected twists and turns. Shape Catalyst was created to help shape that change and maximize individual and organizational growth.
Shape Catalyst designs and delivers change programmes and client solutions for business, humanitarian and social innovation organizations.  Shape Catalyst works with a client-centered approach to enabling change in individuals, organizations and society; cultivating change, innovation, talent and performance.
Shape Catalyst envisions leadership that is creative and growth-enhancing for individuals, organizations and society, encouraging a climate of transformative change, where diversity is valued, individuality and unique talent are leveraged and individual and organizational growth is enabled.
Leaders and catalysts of change put shape to their leadership passion and the rhythm that guides their response and governs their decisions, aligning vision with action: “Becoming all that they are as a catalyst of change”.
Cultivating Leadership, Innovation, Talent and Performance
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